Places in Bali that Looks Like Game of Thrones Set

Game of Thrones is a drama fantasy television series with so far continued to world’s population majority concern. The final episode was pretty shocking for everybody. And as we know, the set of Game Of Thrones presents a breathtaking place that spoils your eyes. Our crew from Bukit Vista have looked all over Bali to find some hidden gems that apparently looks a lot like Game of Thrones set. Here are some of ‘em:

Oh yea and before you dive into deep, SPOILER ALERT for you who (unlike most people) aren’t from the earth and haven’t take a look at this most talk-about series on TV history.

1. Tegal Wangi Cliff

Remember when Jon Snow meets Drogon for the very first time at Season 7? They meet on this uphill location that apparently looks a lot like Tegal Wangi Cliff here in Bali.

Tegal Wangi cliff will offer breathtaking seascape with cool natural attraction. Visitors can watch the waves pounding the shoreline. The harshness of the wind will hit your skin and the sound of swaying grass make you more adventurous.

The best time to visit Tegal Wangi is at sunset, around 17:00–19:00. You will see the golden sky collide with turquoise from the sea. If you want to spend the night close to nature, preparing a bonfire and folding chair is the right choice. Gathering with friends or family, accompanied by thousands of stars will add an impression of your holiday in Bali.

Tegalwangi Beach is located on Tegal Wangi street, Jimbaran Village, South Kuta. Access to this location is quite easy because the road is covered with asphalt. You can use a private vehicle or rent a vehicle to reach this beach. This place is about 22 kilometres away from Denpasar, about 51 minutes drive. If you can’t find Tegal Wangi Beach on your smartphone, you can enter the name “Pura Segara Tegal Wangi” or “Hotel Ayana” to direct the road to this location.

2. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Jon might fell under Danny’s love spell right now, but WHO WILL FORGET YGRITTE, FOR REAL?? Their romance was on point both on-screen and even off-screen. They even marry each other in real life.

One of the most memorable scene from these two was their romantic scene on the cave when Jon Snow just joins the wildlings. And apparently, we found a similar location here in Bali. We present you our next hidden gem: Tukad Cepung Waterfall.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall has mesmerised everyone who has seen it. A few hundred stairs down the cliff are worth the effort once you arrive at the destination. The thundering cliffs give you the feeling of being in a cave, while the open sky as emerging light from heaven, gives you the most enchanting view. Bring your bathing suits when you visit this place, because once you see this magical waterfall, you will be tempted to go in and feel the freshness. Try to embrace the chilling moment by relaxing near the waterfall. Listen to the water flowing and see the amazing colours of the rainbow created by sunlight.

Tukad Cepung waterfall is located on Tembuku street, Penida Kelod Village, Bangli. To reach this waterfall, you will meet a narrow road but it easy to drive because is covered asphalt too. This place is about 40 kilometres away from Denpasar, about an hour drive. Once you arrive parking area, you will go down with a few stairs to meet this beautiful little piece of heaven.

3. Teletubbies Hill

Remember back in the last episode on season 5, when Drogon was really hurt and cannot give Daenerys ride back to Meereen? Yes, this hurtful scene.

Not long after that, we can see that she encounters a Dothraki Khalasar and the rest of the Dothraki army on that hill.

Does it remind you of a certain hill? Yep. Teletubbies Hill it is. No, not the one from the 90’s child tv show, but the one in Nusa Penida.

Teletubbies hill will present you a beautiful and marvellous hill full covered with grass. Enjoy the very fresh air, you will relax and get ready to escape from your business, of course, make you feel peaceful and all the problems lost. Prepare your picnic mat, to lie under the warmth of the sun and also bring your fresh food and drink. Unfortunately, there is no restaurant or shop that sells food around here, but you can prepare it when you are in the centre of Nusa Penida. However, there was a good breeze at the top of the hills and it was a nice quiet place to hang out.

The hills are located on the southeast side of Nusa Penida island. You can also find it on maps application on your smartphone with keyword ‘Teletubbies Hill’. To get here, you can drive a car or scooter, about 1-hour drive from Sampalan harbour. Be careful if you go by scooter because the road is rough and may be dangerous in some spots if you don’t take it slow! Not all of us are born as Dothraki warrior after all lol

4. Twin Lake

Oh yes. The most controversial wedding throughout the series. The wedding of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, biological parents of Jon Snow. The event that bringing a major plot twist throughout its final season and episodes. But also an event that doesn’t have much of screen time. It appears for like a blink of an eye only. And our writers think “wait a minute, that lake behind them, reminds me a lot of that twin lake on Buleleng.” Yes, it does reminds us of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan.

Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan, separated by a forest-covered hill, which looks magnificent and beautiful when viewed from above. These two lakes are known as the Twin Lakes. Enjoy the beautiful natural view from The Twin Lakes, will make your travel experience even more memorable. Viewed from above, you can see twin lakes with green valleys filled with tropical forest trees. The cool atmosphere will add perfection if you enjoy a cup of coffee too. In this area, you can also arrange your tent because this location can support camping.

The twin lake is located at the north side of Bali island, precisely, at Raya Pancasari street, Gobleg, Banjar, Buleleng Regency. This place is also close to other popular destinations, such as Ulun Danu and Bedugul. So, this place is easy to reach. You can find this place located on your map application, just type with ‘Twin Lake Bali’. The distance is about 2 hours drive from Denpasar.

5. Brahma Arama Vihara Buddhist Temple

If you ask me what’s my personal favourite set location from the whole Game of Thrones, Any Scene from Dorne it is!! Non-arguable. The location is visually eye-pleasing for me. It also quickly reminds me of this one exact location here on Bali, Brahma Arama Vihara Buddhist Temple.

Brahma Arama Vihara Buddhist Temple is more than just a “tourist attraction”. This place is culturally rich and very guarded. The uniqueness of the building and tranquillity are always maintained, just like those royal castles on Dorne!

Located on the hill, this temple offers a beautiful natural surrounding landscape of Buleleng, the sea and the mountains. The locations far from the noise of tourist destinations can be enjoyed by various groups to live in silence with a calm heart and mind. The temple area also has a Vipassana room that can be used by anyone wishing to do enlightenment meditation. Every day, there are many people who come to seek spiritual bliss by meditation.

This temple is located at Sahadewa, Banjar Tegeha, Buleleng, Bali. The location is quite far from the city centre, Denpasar. It takes 2 to 3 hours drive. If you want to get direction to this temple, just search ‘Brahma Vihara Arama’ on your GPS application. And once more, this place is not a tourist trap, entrance is free, but donations are welcome. Even the sarongs you may need to enter the temple, you can use for free.

What do you think? You think that maybe we can make our own Game of Thrones here in Bali? Have you seen any location here in Bali that also reminds you of Game of Thrones’ set? Let us know in the comment!

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